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January 2009

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Winter in Austin

The world continues to turn each and every day . . .

It is full winter here in Austin, temperatures warm up most days but dive back down near freezing at night, or it just gets warm and then cold then warm again.

My home is now wrapped new siding, and it looks great. I’ve already noticed a temperature change in my back bedrooms when the north wind blows. Now on to new paint and flooring in the next year, a lot depends on how much time/money I can give to the next link in the homne fires chain.

I’m back taking two classes at ACC this spring to help keep me out of trouble. The classes are not difficult and I am enjoying them.

The teenager is driving more with his learner’s permit and has I’m feeling more confident when he drives; only he has a lead foot (I’ve been told it’s a guy thing). He is actively working on the paperwork for his Eagle project and he will be visiting NYC with his high school band over spring break.

The Austin SMOFcon is working towards our first PR and hopefully it will be ready in a few weeks. We plan on doing four between now and the end of November; all will be sent electronically and placed on our web page. What would you like to know about next December in Austin? We have lots of ideas but focusing on one or two each time will be the challenge.

I’ve got my Hugo ballot to fill out and need recommendations, what did you read this year that you’d nominate and why?



I don't know that I read anything current in the past year. I think all of my stuff came off of the Ancient, Dusty and Ignored to-be-read pile.

The packet of flyers arrived Wednesday. They'll stay in their packaging until they arrive in Boston.


Aussiecon4 room share?

Are you still looking for someone to room share for Aussiecon 4?
Not a live journal user, and I cant see anygood way to contact you... if you are still interested, leave a note here and I'll try to leave an email for you ... or something.

Re: Aussiecon4 room share?

yes, interested; try me at

kgmeschke at gmail dot com